About us


EVIG Alfa is a venture capital fund established in cooperation with CARLSON VENTURES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED to support investments in technological, R & D projects at early stages of development with global innovation potential.

The fund focuses on key industries for the based on knowledge modern economy, with particular emphasis on devices working within the Internet of Things and dedicated to the areas of FinTech, MedTech and CleanTech. The investment strategy is a response to the need to invest in ideas that are the result of R & D works, which so far have been implemented primarily for the purpose of building scientific achievements, often remaining out of the reach of business, not exploiting the potential for commercialization.

The fund is financed from the contribution of private investors and funds from the National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR).



We are involved in research and development projects that are ventures from the most prospective for the development of the Polish economy.

Our leading specialty are INTELLIGENT NETWORKS AND GEOINFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, covering, among others, the issues of intelligent networks, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine-machine and human-machine interfaces, cloud solutions or projects in the field of augmented reality.

Other investment areas, also in the area of our interests, include:

* TECHNOLOGY OF MEDICAL ENGINEERING, INCLUDING MEDICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY, including the areas of telemedicine technology, IT medical tools or technology, devices and medical devices – in relation to issues from the MedTech industry

* DIAGNOSTICS AND THERAPY OF CIVILIZATION DISEASES AND IN PERSONAL MEDICINE, in the areas of telemedicine in diagnostics and therapy – in relation to issues from the MedTech industry

* HIGH-EFFICIENT, LOW-EMISSION AND INTEGRATED SYSTEMS OF PRODUCTION, STORAGE, TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION OF ENERGY, in the areas of energy production, smart grids, renewable energy, energy from waste, alternative fuels and environmental protection – in relation to issues in the CleanTech industry

* SENSORS (INCLUDING BIOSENSORY) AND SMART SENSOR NETWORKS, in the areas of: physical sensors, sensor networks, horizontal issues (cross-sectional) in sensor technologies – in relation to some issues in the hardware industry within IoT,

* AUTOMATION AND ROBOTICS OF TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSES, in the area of machines and devices automating and robotizing processes – in relation to some issues in the hardware industry within IoT.

According to the rules of operation of the Bridge Alfa funds, EVIG Alfa may invest up to PLN 1.0 million in a single project. In the case of capital-intensive projects with high potential, we can provide additional financing from external investors.



If your project:

• is innovative and meets the area of our interests and specializations,

• is in an early stage of development,

• the planned share of expenditures on research and development works will amount to not less than 80% of capex and operating cost (together)within the current round,

• includes so called Polish Nexus, i.e. it has a headquarters and a management center in Poland, and research and development research is carried out by, or in cooperation with, Polish scientific environments, please, send us your pitch-deck.

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