In recent days a lot has been going on in our Fund – apart from the article which appeared about us in Puls Biznesu >>KLIK<<, we are pleased to inform about our enlarged group of Portfolio Companies. We have been joined by 2 companies:

Biometric Securit – design and manufacture of a prototype of aseptic and non-contact human authorisation system based on biometric data of the subcutaneous vein system of the hand.

Whirla – management and optimization of shared office space – IoT in the PropTech industry for the management of shared workstations in the organizational space. The proposed solution will allow to optimize the space of hot-desk organizations.
taking into account the employee’s comfort (preferences), monitoring desk occupancy in real time and booking “hotdesk” positions.

Creating a business from scratch – Maciej Jarząb

Creating a business from scratch, especially one based on technology, is an endless series of obstacles – Maciej Jarząb (epeer). Our Portfolio Company epeer has created an algorithm that predicts creditworthiness almost 100% of the time. In the article below you will find MamStartup’s conversation with Maciej Jarząb, CEO of the startup, among other things,… See more

New Portfolio Company – Hinter.AI

Hinter.AI has joined the ranks of our Investment Portfolio – a solution in the area of new technologies.  Hinter.ai, of which we are another investor, supports companies using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform, based on online data collected in employee surveys, develops a list of tasks for managers that will improve the functioning… See more

Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century

Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century. How companies use the achievements of technology in their projects.  Recent years have seen a huge increase in interest in the applications of artificial intelligence, broadly defined, around the world. What exactly is artificial intelligence (AI) based on and how do the companies in Carlson Evig Alpha portfolio use… See more

Our portfolio of companies is constantly growing!

Our portfolio of companies is constantly growing, and we are not slowing down! Recently another company – Seemore Aware – has joined the group of our portfolio companies. Thus, we became another investor who sees the business potential in Seemore. The project was created as a result of observing the development of automotive industry and… See more


What is an NDA agreement and why do funds enter into them so rarely? In today’s articule we will brefliy explain what is an NDA agreement  and why we as a fund rarely sign one at the initial project evaluation stage and what the alternatives are. An NDA (no-disclosyre agreement) is a confidentiality agreement between… See more


Artificial intelligence will assess whether we will be a reliable customer of a financial institution. An algorithm will decide on a loan for a person, and de facto on his fate. Investing in startups is a journey through innovation and support of our native technology. We like our work, so it is even more pleasant… See more

The world of finance through the eyes of a practitioner

Are you interested in investing? You want to multiply your capital, but do not know how to start your adventure with the stock market? Or maybe you have an idea for a startup and would like to find out where to look for investors? If you answered YES to at least one of these questions… See more


Startup market in Poland 2021 – experts’ forecasts. How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect the development of domestic startups? What projects will investors be looking for in the coming months? Where can young technology companies get additional support to implement their ideas? Experts answer these questions. Learn about the trends in the development of the… See more


The Investment Portfolio of our Fund has expanded with the New Year with another Company: CyberHeaven – encrypted video conferencing. The subject of the project is to create a secure, encrypted virtual meeting space allowing the use of multiple platforms by users, including web browsers and dedicated mobile applications for Android, iOS and HarmonyOS platforms.… See more


In recent days a lot has been going on in our Fund – apart from the article which appeared about us in Puls Biznesu >>KLIK<<, we are pleased to inform about our enlarged group of Portfolio Companies. We have been joined by 2 companies: Biometric Securit – design and manufacture of a prototype of aseptic… See more


UAVLAS – precision landing system for unmanned aerial vehicles Recently UAVLAS Sp. z o.o. has joined the group of our Portfolio Companies. This time the fund focused on a precision landing system on the so called “last meters” operating regardless of weather and geolocation conditions, consisting of a ground transmitter (landing platform) and a lightweight… See more


Demo Day #3.1. On 31.07.2020 Funudsz Evig Alfa participated in the event Online UNICORN DEMODAY #3.1. During the event 15 companies presented the results of a 4-month incubation program and the further stage of commercialization of the business idea. The commercialisation included both product development activities and obtaining financing for further development. Unicorn Hub: DEMODAY#3.1,… See more

UNICORNHUB: DemoDay #3.1 is coming!

Unicorn Hub is coming: DEMODAY #3.1, it will be an opportunity to meet startup teams and learn how to change the world. Our EVIG Alfa Fund will also be present at this event. During the event, 15 companies will present the results of the 4-month incubation program and the further stage of commercialization of the… See more

UNICOMM- Home Automation System

Unicomm- Home Automation System Recently, Unicomm z o.o. has joined the portfolio of our Portfolio Companies. This time we focused on a residential automation solution. UNICOMM is a new video-intercom standard with full home automation functionality (smarthome). The heart of UNICOMM is a designer control panel which is also a video intercom, the cable infrastructure… See more

Start-up Challenge 2020

During the European Tech and Start-up Days, we will select the winners of the Start-up Challenge competition for the fifth time. In 2019, a record-breaking number of nearly 300 start-ups from several continents joined the competition. How can you benefit from taking part in the Start-up Challenge?The European Start-up Days has become one of the most… See more


Tomorrow (June 25, 2020) our Fund participates in the AXIS TALK 2020 conference. This is the first such all-day digital conference on the topic of network solutions of surveillance systems! In one day, 10 topics of great importance to the industry will be raised. Specialists and partners will share their knowledge and experience. See Program… See more


On Tuesday (9 June 2020) the Evig Alfa Fund participated in the Online Office Hours event. The event gave the opportunity to have a free video conversation with investors, during which those interested could consult their idea with representatives of VC funds, get valuable feedback and even talk about a potential investment. Our team met… See more

Female Founder Challenge

Female Founder Challenge Our Portfolio Company today, i.e. 18.06.2020, is present on VIVATECH. Pelvifly is among the finalists of 10 companies as the only one from Poland. For the second year in a row, VivaTech*, in cooperation with 50inTech, organizes a women founders’ competition with two main goals: (1) to accelerate financing of women-led start-ups,… See more

Pelvifly has joined our Investment Portfolio.

PELVIFLY: Pelvic floor muscle diagnostic and rehabilitation system. Recently Pelvifly Sp. z o.o. has joined our Investment Portfolio. This time we focused on the development of a diagnostic and rehabilitation system for the pelvic floor muscles. The project was created as a result of many years of observation of patients’ behaviour (e.g. restraint) and research… See more

ePeer – joined our Investment Portfolio.

ePeer – Innovative P2P loan platform based on the artificial intelligence system.   Recently we have signed with ePeer Sp. z o.o. Investment Agreement. This time we focused on the development of an innovative platform to solve financial liquidity problems. A platform that will connect investors and borrowers using artificial intelligence. See more

Virtual Demo Day

100% Online Virtual Demo Day of 7th batch startups! I invite you to join us on Live Webinar and arrange meetings with 7th batch startups! Below, you will find links to the short description of every startup including their Calendly profiles. Registered Investors, after the event can get access to the pitch decks. Drones Pelixar, BZB… See more


On 4 February 2020, in Digital Knowledge Village in Warsaw, the “OIC Poland” Foundation and 12 partners creating an ecosystem of business idea development within the Unicorn Hub Start Platform organized the UNICORN HUB DEMODAY#2 event for the second time. Numerous guests could listen to presentations of 20 highly innovative projects, including those concerning transport,… See more


On 20 February 2020 (Thursday) from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. there will be an event organized at the Jagiellonian University, during which our Fund will not be missing! During the event there will be presentations of the results of pre-implementation works of the Innovation Incubator 2.0 of five Kraków’s universities:  AGH, University of Science… See more


On February 4, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. in Digital Knowledge Village we will be able to meet at an event during which the companies will present the results of a 4-month incubation program and the planned paths of commercialization of the solutions, including both product development activities and obtaining financing for further development.  The best… See more


On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas EVIG Alpha team wishes you, to spend this an extraordinary time, with family and friends and brought much joy and optimism in the coming New Year 2020. See more


On 5 November 2019, a Demo Day was held at Concordia Design in Poznań, organized on the occasion of the end of the first round of the IndustryLab – Industrial Innovation Accelerator program – our fund was represented by Szymon Charkiewicz. During the conference, 6 Startups presented their solutions. An additional element of the event… See more


On 23-24 October 2019, we took part in the tenth edition of WOLVES SUMMIT, one of the largest Polish conferences gathering technological startups – we were represented by Maciej Kabat. We had about 30 meetings, in the speed-dates model, with originators of various industries: from simple, innovative solutions improving everyday life, to advanced systems, integrating… See more


On October 17, 2019 we took part in the “Forge of Talents” event organized by the Medical University in Lodz, which is the only strategic partner in Poland within the framework of the EIT Health, and thus has the opportunity to implement original acceleration programs – such as Smart Up Lab, Silver Starters, MedTech, E-Boat… See more


Tomorrow (23-24.10.2019) the international conference on innovation technologies begins – the 10th edition of the Wolves Summit. The nine editions focused on offering the best quality matchmaking for an innovative community; enabling start-ups, investors, corporations and executives to meet people who meet their business needs 1: 1 in the most time-efficient way. The Wolves Summit… See more


On Tuesday 15.10.2019 we took part in a meeting organized by Brightventure.vc Accelerator, where 8 startups presented 5-minutes pitches in front of an excellent delegation of Polish VCs. The event is designed for current and future funders as well as fans of new technologies. Startups: Shadow of the road, Eduplaner, HomeApp, JetAR, Warehood, eAlias, Publico24… See more


On 26.09.2019 we took part in the meeting: Meet the academic startups creating innovations in medicine – “Federation for Health” organized by the Innovation Club plus the Medical University of Warsaw and the University of Warsaw. During the meeting, in addition to getting to know the presented startups, you could listen to a group of… See more

“Start from Mazowsze” 2019

On September 18, 2019, we participated in a conference summarizing the competition for innovative start-ups “Start from Mazowsze”, that took place in Targowa Creativity Center in Warsaw. During the conference, start-ups that entered the competition and their ideas were presented, as well as prizes were awarded to distinguished originators. During the final, 6 winners presented… See more

Time of Heroes 2019 – Conference Olsztyn, Ełk

On 16-17.09 we took part in the Times of Heroes conference, which is a summary of the first cycle of the Startup Heroes project launched by Science and Technology Parks in Olsztyn and Ełk, as part of the Starter Platforms. A group of experts, including Szymon Charkiewicz from our fund, assessed the ideas presented by… See more


PODIOOM INSURE-TECH PODIOOM – creates bonds that support all those who care and want to take care of their condition. Today we signed an investment agreement with the company Podioom Sp. z o.o.  We focused on the development of dedicated technology that will allow coaches and physiotherapists to develop a responsible business in all aspects… See more

Podioom Insure-Tech

PODIOOM – connecting and supporting all who want to keep fit Today, we have signed an investment agreement with a new start-up company, PODIOOM Sp. z o.o.  We bet on the development of dedicated technology that will let trainers and physiotherapists to develop their responsible business in all aspects of services. By working on proprietary… See more

WOLVES SUMMIT – March 2019

On 19-20 March 2019, we took part in the ninth edition of WOLVES SUMMIT, one of the largest Polish conferences, gathering technological startups. We have had over 40 meetings in the speed-date formula with originators of various industries: from simple but innovative solutions that facilitate everyday life, to advanced systems that integrate areas of IT,… See more