The objective of the project is to create a desktop application and a mobile application mKomornik that will allow mobile access to data and tools for a bailiff office enabling optimization of a bailiff's work with the use of methods for bailiff case recommendations using machine learning algorithms. mKomornik will be a software for bailiffs' offices consisting of a website, a mobile application for Android/IOS platform and a database mKomornik DB.


CyberHeaven- encrypted video conferencing. The subject of the project is to create a secure, encrypted virtual meeting space allowing the use of multiple platforms by users, including web browsers and dedicated mobile applications for Android, iOS and HarmonyOS platforms. The product concerns solutions related to cyber security in communications.

ATS Technology

The subject of the research project is a new sales model of Ultra Convenience, implemented in an innovative mobile sales container / pavilion, for which it is possible to achieve an average monthly profitability at the level of operating profit, higher than 5%. The aim of the research and development project is to verify the functional, technological and business assumptions of the new concept of round-the-clock and unmanned sales based on a modular container store - Ultra Convenience.


The subject of the project is a system for detecting false documents using the artificial intelligence mechanism, which detects elements that have been modified, i.e. fake documents invisible to the human eye (e.g. by mixing fonts in a single document, pasting single letters and/or words in place of real ones, forging signatures by pasting them from other documents etc.). As a result, the system will discover patterns in invoices and analyze the document as an image in order to identify suspicious places that indicate possible forgery.


A tool to create virtual walks using only your smartphone. The technological heart of the product innovation will be the "e-stand", a software solution for 360° spherical image acquisition with a regular smartphone camera. This technology allows to capture high quality pictures, thus mimicking the problems related to human motoring imperfections, so that when combined they give a full 360° spherical image of a room without imperfections. www.walksee.pl


The subject of the Z-RAYS project is to create an intelligent solution for efficient and ergonomic real-time monitoring of the mainframe environment for optimization IT work efficiency and improvement of troubleshooting time during system operation mainframe. Monitoring will be carried out without any significant impact on system performance and without significant additional consumption of system resources with the support of Machine Learning algorithms.


Biometric Security


Uavlas - precision landing system for unmanned aerial vehicles. The subject of the project is to create a precision landing system on the so called "last meters" operating regardless of weather and geolocation conditions, consisting of a ground transmitter (landing platform) and a lightweight drone receiver (Plug&Play) and software enabling the system to operate with commonly known autopilots. http://www.uavlas.com/


The project will develop a commercially viable ENforce Bionic Foot bionic prosthesis, which will be significantly superior to the products available on the market in terms of performance and business model. The Enforce Bionic Foot will provide a person after amputation with the ability to move as close to natural as possible. It will allow you to return to normal, everyday activities, minimising the risk of additional skeletal problems over time, which in traditional dentures result from asymmetrical load distribution in healthy parts of the locomotor system. www.enforcemed.pl


PELVIFLY: Pelvic floor muscle diagnostic and rehabilitation system. It is a wireless vaginal probe that allows for multidimensional diagnostics of muscle structures and enables safe and active rehabilitation treatment in a specialist medical office as well as in closed conditions together with data analysis and interpretation (application and telecare system). The target group of the device used individual users (B2C) and doctors, specialists, therapists, physiotherapists (B2B).


Unicomm - Home automation system. The Unicomm system, used for energy and thermal optimization of multi-family residential buildings, which is a smart home solution. The goal of the business is to promote modern, comprehensive infrastructure solutions, so-called "Smart home" and the creation of a simpler and more affordable home automation system, including areas for lighting management, heating, power supply outlets - enabling the switching off or on RTV / household appliances.


ePeer - Innovative P2P loan platform. It is a platform that, with the help of artificial intelligence, connects investors and borrowers, solving the problem of financial liquidity - lack of possibility of safe, easy, quick investment and borrowing small amounts of money. The subject of the project is to develop an innovative scoring system, assessing risk using artificial intelligence as a tool for classifying groups of borrowers. The system will be based on acquiring information about potential borrowers from social media, geolocation data, external sources and other parameters defined within the R&D project.


PODIOOM Insure-Tech, a SaaS platform supporting the trainer-client relationship and making the market of coaching services and rehabilitation more proffesional. The target gorup of PODIOOM application are personal trainers (PRO), and everyone who train or wants to start training. The PODIOOM PRO saves time for every personal trainer. Thanks to the calendar, CRM and automatic training booking modules, the trainer saves at least 1 hour a day, which he can spend on the next training with the mentee. The PODIOOM app is a training option with a professional personal trainer for each exerciser. Find a trainer near your home, work or hotel.


The NoelleLED project is to launch the production of a series of LED lamp types, together with the construction of a technical infrastructure that performs the functions of the Advanced Lighting Control System - increasing safety in places of its application. To solve the problem of safety and illumination of roads and squares, providing an innovative, green and cost-competitive lighting management system to help general public lighting operators, including TSU management, meet the statutory obligation to replace it with energy-efficient and low-emission light sources.


TerraBio - an intelligent agricultural production system. TerraBio will be a mobile genetic analyser applicable in the agri-food industry for the diagnosis of pathogens of food, crops, feed and livestock in < 35 min with a forecasting platform that provides information on the predicted growth of the pathogen in relation to weather conditions. The TerraBio forecasting platform will support the decision making process of producers and breeders in the use of e.g. plant protection products. The information will be readable on a smartphone, tablet or computer via wireless and USB communication.


Deventiv - Automatic Intraoral Scanner. The subject of the project is the Deventiv Automatic Oral Scanner (DAOS). After being placed in the patient's mouth, DAOS will automatically visualize teeth and gums with high Accuracy, speed and without active operator participation, i.e. without active manual operation of the operator in order to conduct a study. As a result of the device's work, a standard 3D model of the oral cavity will be created, in the form of a computer file, necessary for planning dental treatment, including, among others, treatment prosthetic, implantological and orthodontic design and the design of prosthesis geometry, templates implants and braces

What we do?

EVIG Alfa is a venture capital fund established in cooperation with CARLSON CAPITAL PARTNERS (CCP) to support investments in technological, R & D projects at early stages of development with global innovation potential. The fund focuses on key industries for the based on knowledge modern economy, with particular emphasis on devices working within the Internet of Things and dedicated to the areas of FinTech, MedTech and CleanTech. The investment strategy is a response to the need to invest in ideas that are the result of R & D works, which so far have been implemented primarily for the purpose of building scientific achievements, often remaining out of the reach of business, not exploiting the potential for commercialization.